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results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009

Once again we are faced with record figures from Apple’s quarterly conference where it offers the sales results of the last fiscal quarter. The cupertino company has reported revenues of $9870 million and a profit of $1820 million. It is, quite simply, the best quarter in the history of the company.

Peter Oppenheimer, Tim Cook and Apple treasurer Gary Wipfler announced these figures at the press conference, with which they achieved a profit margin of 36.6 percent and shattered the sales records for computers and iPhones. If we remove the data for subscriptions, income increases to $12.25 billion and profits to $2850 million. Let’s see the results detailed in the extended entry.

Apple has sold more than 3 million computers , 17% more than the same months last year. As for iPods, 10.2 million units have been sold, 8% less than last year (although 50% of the buyers were new iPod users). Apple’s market growth has been higher than the overall market for 19 of the 20 quarters.

The response to Snow Leopard has been “tremendous,” and downloads of iTunes 9 have been massive as new offerings have increased in-store media purchases. Apple’s physical stores have good numbers too: Half of the people who go to buy a Mac from an Apple Store are switchers , and they have gone from a profit of 1720 million to a profit of 1870 million dollars.

As for the iPhone, Apple has sold 7.4 million units (a new record) and the phone achieves the best results in satisfaction surveys. In addition, the company has announced that it will begin distributing the iPhone in China this month, and is expanding relationships in the United Kingdom and Canada.

Finally, now that the fiscal year is over, we can collect data and say that Apple can boast of some $36.5 billion in annual revenue and $5700 million in profits during the last fiscal year. At the next press conference, they will report on the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2010.

During the press conference, Apple allowed journalists to ask questions. Among some of the most interesting answers, are the following:

  • There is a very low inventory of iPhone 3GS in many countries, including Spain. They have 2.4 million units available, although they would like to have more. In China it will start selling on the 30th from 1,000 different outlets. As for the price of the phone in the countries that will no longer have exclusive operators, this is something that is being kept secret.
  • The past quarter saw very high laptop sales thanks to offers, the revamping of the unibody range, back-to-school promotions and the Snow Leopard promotion.
  • When asked about the state of physical stores outside the United States, Apple replied that the results of those stores are excellent. I doubt that things are different in Barcelona.


Finally, the number of installations 5 weeks before the launch of Snow Leopard is more than double the number of Leopard installations in the same period . So it seems that we don’t have to worry about Apple’s economic health, which continues to break records even with the economic crisis. The challenge of 2010 is certainly interesting.

results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009

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