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resize, format and optimize your images easily and quickly

Resizing images can be, surely, one of the most frequent actions that most of us do. To do it in OS X we can use tools integrated in the system, for example Automator, editing applications like Photoshop or small utilities.

In that category of small utilities is Imagewell, a classic, and now Rsizer , an application I have tested. What does Rsizer do? Well, basically that, it resizes our images in a simple way.

Resize, optimize and format your images

resize, format and optimize your images easily and quickly
resize, format and optimize your images easily and quickly

Rsizer is an application for OS X that allows you to resize, optimize and format images easily. As listed, we can:

  • Resize images by size or percentage – allows several images to be loaded at once –
  • Optimize to reduce disk size
  • Create files from @2x and @3x images
  • Change the format
  • Save our custom settings
  • Zip your work to share it quickly
  • Setting different parameters

The operation and choice of shares and options is very simple. The interface has a very OS X Yosemite touch and complies. It is true that I prefer Imagewell, because even without being the most complete, the small editing tools it includes or extra elements are very useful to me. But I don’t think Rsizer is a bad option if we only need to resize without losing quality or changing the format.

In short, an application that works well, very simple to use and whose option to optimize offers good results without damaging the original quality excessively. If you want or need something else, then Imagewell or editors like Pixelmator -even if it is more “heavy”- will be a better option.