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Resetting AirPods and fixing most battery problems

Now that it’s been two years since the AirPods were launched, it’s time to take a look at them to keep them in good shape. If you have any issues with connectivity, sound or battery life with your AirPods , the first thing that usually comes to mind is contacting Apple’s technical support in one of its many forms. When you talk to them, they will provide you with a list of things to try that can be fixed without having to physically go to them or send in your AirPods.

That’s why it’s best to try out a number of solutions to the most common problems before going to the technical service. It is very possible that you will be able to solve them and, if not, when you contact them you will have the “homework” done and everything will be faster .

Resetting AirPods and Configuring them from Zero

Resetting AirPods and fixing most battery problemsResetting AirPods and fixing most battery problems

Resetting the AirPods is the first thing we should try to solve your problems. There is a way to “forget” the AirPods and have your devices not connect to them, but it is just a simple unlinking of this accessory. If you are interested in doing so, follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings ; Bluetooth and where the name of your AirPods appears, hit the “i” which is surrounded by a circle.
  • When you do so, a menu will appear with the option Skip Device. When you hit it, it will show a warning. We press Skip Device again if that’s what we want.

When we do, the AirPods will automatically stop connecting to our devices and we will have to link them again. However, this does not reset your AirPods to factory settings. To do this, we must do the following:

  • In your AirPod case, open the lid, press and hold the rear button.
  • You will see the LED turn white and start flashing.
  • Continue to hold the button down for 15 seconds, until the LED turns orange again and starts flashing.
  • Close the lid and open it again near your iPhone. You should see an animation like this one, where you can link them like the first day.

When resetting your AirPods, most of the errors and problems that can arise in their lifetime should be corrected.

How to clean your AirPods

When you carry your AirPods around with you, either in your trousers or in a bag, it is normal that the hustle and bustle and daily use will end up making them dirty . There are two methods for cleaning these headphones. Both are equally simple.

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In the first one we will use a cotton bud from the ears, without wetting it. Use it to access all the most inaccessible nooks and crannies, such as the bottom of the case , the hinge or the grille of an AirPod. In the case of the case bottom, dirt may accumulate over time until at some point it prevents the headphones from charging.

If you have the typical blue-tack putty at home, you can take a piece to clean out the remaining accumulated dirt. Make a little ball and stick it in the corners, grooves and grids you find to clean your AirPods.

When you have done all this and if the problems persist, it is time to go to the technical service . The process will be faster now that you have tried all possible solutions.