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Reseña de Mophie Juice Pack Air para iPhone 6 y 6s

A few weeks ago the people from Mophie sent us a Juice Pack Air . We have been testing it for a while and today we want to tell you our impressions of this battery case for iPhone 6.

Mophie is one of the best known manufacturers of this type of accessory on the market. Its accessories are certified as Made for iPhone , which means they meet the quality standards Apple itself requires of manufacturers creating products for its devices.

Our opinion on the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6

Design and dimensions

Reseña de Mophie Juice Pack Air para iPhone 6 y 6s
Reseña de Mophie Juice Pack Air para iPhone 6 y 6s

The first thing we usually look at when choosing a cover is its design and that’s why we decided to start with this category.

The Juice Pack Air is a case designed to protect the back of the device . The unit we have been able to test is white, although the manufacturer offers eight other colours: black, pink gold, gold, purple, green, blue, pink and red.

The case fits the iPhone 6 or 6s like a glove. The back of the case is virtually smooth and has curved edges. The only thing that breaks the surface of the back is the extra battery charge indicator for the smartphone, the on/off button and the line where the two parts of which the case is composed meet (being a rigid case it is necessary to remove the two parts to place the smartphone inside).

All physical buttons and connectors on the iPhone are accessible directly or indirectly. In the case of the volume, mute and off/on buttons, the case has its own button that presses the actual button on the device, while the home button on the terminal itself is exposed.

The case has its own charging port via a USB cable. As for the headset connector, it is not directly accessible but it is necessary to use an extension cable to connect headphones to the 3.5 mm port. Both the headphone port extension and the USB charging cable are included in the case.

The dimensions are 74.2 x 154.9 x 15.5 mm and the weight is 99.2 grams . It is clear that both the dimensions and the weight of the iPhone will be increased quite noticeably with this case, but it is the price to pay for having an extra battery with 2750 mAh capacity.

Extra battery life

The strong point of this housing is the extra battery included. iPhone 6 mounts a battery with a capacity of 1810 mAh and iPhone 6s with 1715 mAh. With these figures in mind and taking into account the capacity of the extra battery, we can see that thanks to this option we can have an extra charge and a half of battery anywhere we are without having to carry any extra (cables, etc, etc.).

For us this is one of the clear advantages of the Mophie Juice Pack Air over other types of portable batteries. In this case, the most common thing is to carry the sleeve placed in the terminal, so it is not necessary to charge with cables and the external battery itself separately.


The mode of operation is very simple. When the case is placed, a Lightning connector is inserted into the iPhone’s charging port. From that moment on, whenever you turn on the case with the switch on the back, the iPhone’s internal battery will begin to charge.

This is another advantage we see over other similar options we can find in the market. We can control the charging moments and thus better optimize the duration of the energy stored in the extra battery.

In addition, we can always get an idea of Mophie’s battery charge thanks to the LED indicator on the back. At the touch of a button, the LED lights up and we know how much power we still have.

What we liked best

  • Ease and control over battery use.
  • Nice design and good quality construction.
  • Fits perfectly with the iPhone 6/6s.
  • There is no need to carry any extra cables or bulges to charge the battery.

What we liked the least

  • Weight and size increase of the device, although it is inevitable to incorporate a battery with so much capacity.

Where can I buy the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6/6s?

Mophie accessories are available in many physical and online stores. One of them is Amazon, so you can easily buy one of these cases from anywhere in Spain and receive it comfortably at home with all the guarantees .

What did you think of the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 and 6s ? You know, if you need an extra battery for your smartphone this is an option to keep in mind.