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Reseña de iTV Shows 3 para iOS

One of the main problems of a person who follows many series – apart from the time it takes – is that because of so many series it is impossible to know why he or she has stayed. Luckily, there are applications and services that help us keep track of the series we have seen or are seeing . This is where iTV Shows for iOS comes in, which in its version 3 shows us once again why it is the best application in its field.

iTV Shows 3, in general

For those of you who don’t know it yet, iTV Shows is one of the longest running apps in the App Store -and exclusively in the App Store-. In mid-November, Antonie Gamond -its developer- launched this third version in the App Store as a new application. At a price of 2.69 euros, iTV Shows 3 has positioned itself in the App Store as the main alternative.

Two things that make iTV Shows 3 special with respect to other applications like this are the renewed style following the rules of iOS 7 with transparencies and the synchronization with , which we will explain later.

Using iTV Shows 3

I’ve been using the application for a while now and I can certainly only say good things about it. In general, offers everything that it promises in abundance , and it doesn’t disappoint in its daily use. Its use is no different from any other application for following series. Basically we look for the series we want to follow, add it to our catalog and mark as seen the chapters we have seen.

But to go into a little more detail, let’s look at the parts that make up the iTV Shows App.

  • MY SERIES: This is where we find the complete list of series we are following or have already seen. You can sort them by the date of the last episode broadcast or by the next one to be broadcast, and you can also search for new series from the search box. Also, if we enter one of the series we will be able to see a small summary, as well as the actors and general data of the series -a fact to bear in mind: we can vote or leave comments on the series in question.
  • TO SEE: It is more than clear, in a similar arrangement to the previous section, here will appear all the series of which we have chapters to see or we have already seen them all. Only in this case they will be ordered in ascending or descending order of the number of chapters to see or in alphabetical order. In one corner of the box for each series is the number of episodes to watch, and right in the middle is a button to mark as watched the episode we’re currently watching. If we click on a series we’ll be able to see relevant information about that episode and by scrolling sideways we’ll be able to move from one episode to the next.
  • CALENDAR: In a very visual way it shows us which episodes are being or have already been broadcast. Very useful to know when we can watch the next episode of a series that we like a lot.

    iTV Shows 3

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    They can be either “Recommended” -based on our tastes from other series we have already seen-, “Trends” -all those that are currently popular- or “Premiere” -which shows the series that have recently been released and may become relevant.

  • FRIENDS: If we have friends who use iTV Shows they will appear here and we can watch the series they are following as well as interact with them.
  • STATISTICS: I liked this section very much, it shows in a circle the progress we are making in all the series we are following. It shows the number of episodes we have already seen, like the ones we haven’t seen. It also shows the number of series we are following and the time we have spent watching series so far.
  • SETTINGS: This is where we find the synchronization with iCloud -to have our series on all iOS devices- and the synchronization with -an online service that allows us to follow our series, if we activate this automatically iTV Shows becomes a client of Other options we find are personalized notifications for each series as well as the time zone or language to be displayed.

The user interface of iTV Shows 3

This is the main feature of this new version, of course. As we said before, it shows a completely flat interface and follows Apple’s style guidelines for iOS 7. But it also includes new transparencies that play very well with the background images of the series we follow. Overall, a delight. On the other hand it is an intuitive interface that makes the user experience does not disappoint at all, neither by design nor by operation .

Alternatives to iTV Shows 3

Reseña de iTV Shows 3 para iOS
Reseña de iTV Shows 3 para iOS

As alternatives we find several applications in the App Store , but it is worth mentioning mainly iShows, which also has a great design other tools to take into account and that help us to squeeze the maximum iTV Shows can be Video Explorer or some application for OS X that allows us to download subtitles automatically



Antonie Gadmond has done it again, she has surprised us – just like she did with iTV Shows 2 – with an application that fulfils what it promises. If you still don’t use any application or service to follow your favorite series, I highly recommend iTV Shows 3. It costs 2.69 euros, but we’ll have the application on both our iPhone and iPad -something that many alternatives don’t offer-. With iTV Shows I personally feel like watching episodes just by checking them off in the application, as all the information it offers is excellent.

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