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represent 26.7% of all traffic on LTE networks

Cult of Mac

Such as the one recently shown by Strategy Analytics, which reveals that Apple already dominates 26.7% of the market for devices that browse 4G LTE networks .

represent 26.7% of all traffic on LTE networksrepresent 26.7% of all traffic on LTE networks

Be careful, we are not talking about sales of devices compatible with that data network, but about the number of devices that navigate using that network. And almost three out of ten of these devices are an iPhone 5, a third or fourth generation iPad or a mini iPad . Apple has not started selling LTE devices until this year, which leads us to say that the growth is very good.

Google, with its Nexus, has “only” a 6.7% usage share while LG exceeds it by 9.1%. The one with the highest share is Samsung, with 40% , thanks to the fact that its terminals began to be compatible with LTE networks much earlier than its competitors. Overall, the number of devices connected to these networks has risen from four million last year to fifty million. And that there are countries (Spain among them), where these networks are not yet active … will have to review these figures as soon as the LTE protocol is well implemented around the world.