Replacing the Recycle Bin Icon

Today we announced the release of the new Mac Pro on the App Store. Since it was first unveiled to the world, theories and opinions about its cylindrical design have been emerging. A design that many people love and yet others find ridiculous . These last ones, and as a way of humour, have wanted to give a personal touch to the OS X Dock by replacing the recycling bin with a Mac Pro -due to its more than reasonable resemblance to a trashcan-.

Created by game developer Jonathan Hirz, the Mac Pro icon is fairly easy to install, here are the steps.

  1. Download the file from here
  2. Let’s go to Macintosh HD ; System ; Library ; CoreServices ; Dock
  3. Right click and show package contents
  4. Let’s go to Contents> Resources
  5. We replace the files trashempty.png , trashempty@2x.png, etc. with the ones we have in the folder we have previously downloaded -it is best to save the original images in case we want to restore the original trashcan-
  6. We deleted the “Reflections” files
  7. We open the terminal and put in killall dock
Replacing the Recycle Bin Icon
Replacing the Recycle Bin Icon

There, we already have a beautiful Mac Pro as a wastebasket. If you want to get the original icon back , just follow the same process but replace the Mac Pro images with the original ones.

Remember that although we take this as a joke, the Mac Pro is a team of impressive qualities, as well as having incredible power . It is not in vain a computer that supports up to three 4K screens at the same time.

And you, are you going to replace your current trash can icon? , I personally have done it as you can see in the image above and the truth is that it doesn’t look bad at all, fits perfectly into the design of OS X .

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