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Repairing the iPhone X could cost more than 600

If you were one of the people who purchased Apple’s new flagship, the iPhone X, today you may have purchased the Apple Care + or not . Maybe this news will make you change your mind and you will end up hiring it, because if anything happens to the terminal and you have to take care of the cost of the repair, it won’t come cheap, could be over 600 euros, according to Apple’s official website.

Following the opening of the iPhone X reservation, Apple has updated the support website where you can find the repair prices . Now the corresponding prices for the iPhone X have been added. For example, repairing the screen would cost £321.10 and all other damages would be priced at £611.10 (all non screen damage).

Repairing the iPhone X could cost more than 600
Repairing the iPhone X could cost more than 600

It’s a wild guess as the price to repair the rest of the damage is half that of a new 64GB iPhone X, so you’d better buy a new one before you go to repair it.

What does Apple do this for? Basically so that you can hire their Apple Care service which is priced lower than the cost of this type of repair. To have in our hands a terminal that is worth a salary , because it makes us wonder if we should in any way secure it with this plan from the company itself.

Personally I am pretty sure that very few people will have the courage to carry their iPhone X without a good case and a tempered glass, because if a glass of this terminal costs 321.10 euros I do not think anyone dares to leave it uncovered.

Soon, when we have it in our hands, we will be able to see its resistance. Moreover, many experts will carry out, as is tradition, various resistance tests that I am waiting to see in order to judge whether they have made an iPhone X resistant to blows, to avoid that silly fall that would make us go through the box.

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