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Repairing iPhone X could cost up to 600 euros

After the excitement or disappointment as resulting from waiting to book the iPhone X this Friday morning, many users turned their attention to a detail that interests those who bought or plan to buy the latest Apple mobile.

It is nothing less than the prices for repair services, in case of not hiring the Apple Care, that you can see, are quite high.

Repairing iPhone X could cost up to 600 euros
Repairing iPhone X could cost up to 600 euros

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As you can see from the latest update of Apple’s website, the repair of a damaged screen would cost 321.10 euros, while other damages would total 611.10 euros.

In the displayed list, the damage costs are set for the Plus and non-Plus models, from the iPhone 4s onwards. The cheapest repair is for the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6, whose broken screen costs 161.10 euros.

Since the release of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, the same perception had been held about the prices of a possible repair of these devices. Now, with the official release of the iPhone X, things have gotten tougher in terms of numbers, so we can only suggest to those who will soon have this device to be very careful with that screen or expect it to be very resistant!

To get a better idea, with AppleCare + service, prices are reduced to $29 for a screen repair and $99 for anything else, based on U.S. prices, which are the only prices available at this time.

Knowing the new prices, would you rather sign up for Apple Care service or rely on the case and other methods to protect your phone?