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rent a movie and watch it on the device you want

Apple not only applied novelties to devices yesterday but also brought them to its software . iTunes is one of Apple’s biggest platforms, since it integrates most of its services in one single app. Normally, this application undergoes a new update with every new version of macOS.

rent a movie and watch it on the device you want
rent a movie and watch it on the device you want

Cupertino’s brought us yesterday a novelty for iTunes more than expected and desired by many users . The novelty of iTunes 2.6 has to do with movie rentals and we tell you about it.

Yesterday Apple updated iTunes to bring us this succulent novelty when renting movies, before if you rented a movie you were limited to watch it on the device from which you had rented it .

This is no longer the case, you can now rent a movie on the bus on the way home and enjoy it on your iPad or Macbook after dinner. All you have to do is have the same Apple ID on all your devices and the appropriate version of the operating system. On your iPhone or iPad it will be iOS 10.3, on Apple TV it will be tvOS 10.2.

We are talking about beta versions that will soon see the light , so we just have to wait for the update to come out on our devices to enjoy this functionality – there is nothing left for the final versions to come out.

On your Mac you’ll need to go to the App Store and update iTunes from the Update tab , which was released yesterday on a rolling basis so if it hasn’t arrived yet, it will arrive soon. This new update for iTunes for Mac is not dependent on macOS so you don’t need to have Sierra 10.12.4.

Many users will see their experience improved thanks to this functionality , because before when they thought of renting a movie they were not in front of the device where they would want to watch it. Now this barrier has been broken and Apple has once again improved our user experience.


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