Rent 2008: do it from your Mac

Every year, workers who have earned more than 22,000 euros from a single payer have an appointment with the tax authorities.

Rent 2008: do it from your Mac
Rent 2008: do it from your Mac

Tecnología PYME

Citrix is a client application that connects to a server allowing secure application virtualization. The only thing is that this installation even though it is relatively easy has some tricky points.

Let’s see the necessary steps to carry out this installation successfully:

The first thing we do is download Citrix ICA Client, currently version 10 and that is Universal Binary . We install it and go to the Applications folder. This will create the folder “Citrix ICA Client” . In this folder we will see a file called Citrix ICA Client Editor which we will configure as indicated.

Press the “Default Settings” button, go to “Drives and Devices”, move to the drive letter “Z:” and mark it. Now we click on “Browser” and select the folder where we want to have all the necessary files. Remember once you have selected the folder that the unit “Z:” is marked so that everything works correctly.

That’s it, now let’s download the document prentai.ica from the website of the Agencia Tributaria . We launch the Citriz ICA Client application and open the document we have downloaded. A window with the Father help program will open.

Now it’s a matter of filling in the data they are asking for. I hope that it will be favorable to all of you who do it, which is not the thing for many expenses.

All this is valid for any type of Mac and with different versions of operating system. On the citrix website you will find versions for Mac OS 9 and X, in PowerPC or Universal Binary versions.

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