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Removing Apps that Lock Up While Updating on iPhone and iPad

Overall, iOS offers a very fast and smooth user experience, but in this world, nothing is perfect and you may have encountered the occasional problem. Updating applications and games on iPhone and iPad is a fairly easy and quick process, but sometimes you may have experienced a very annoying problem that is none other than getting stuck in the process without you being able to do anything.

When an application is put on hold to install an update it is very frustrating, because usually trying to install it again does not help and trying to remove it from the startup screen itself is also impossible . However, iOS offers a fairly simple solution, although as with other features, it remains somewhat hidden from the user’s eyes.

Removing Apps that Lock Up While Updating on iPhone and iPad
Removing Apps that Lock Up While Updating on iPhone and iPad

Here’s how you can remove those apps that lock up while they’re updating on your iPhone and iPad . This way, you can then reinstall it from scratch and it will do so in the latest version. Here we go!

This simple trick will allow you to get out of that infinite loop that an application enters when it gets stuck installing an update on your iPhone or iPad. It’s as easy as deleting the application that’s causing that problem and you have to follow the next steps.

Go to Settings – General – Storage and iCloud . Once there all you have to do is click on Manage Storage in the “Storage” section and search the list of applications for the one that is having the problem . Click on it and finally click on “Delete App” . Done!

The application will have been removed from your iPhone or iPad and you now have two options . One of them is to go to the App Store and reinstall it, with the advantage that the latest version will already be installed, or if you prefer to forget about it and not install it.

As the guys from The Mac Observer say, this way of removing applications is quite interesting and the truth is that it is an option that remains somewhat hidden from the user. The advantage it has is that no matter what state the application is in, iOS will delete it and all its data in the blink of an eye.

Did you know this way of removing applications on your iPhone or iPad?

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