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remove support for the iOS service with AirPlay

The Netflix iPhone and iPad application is no longer compatible with AirPlay , according to an updated support document on the streaming service website . According to the platform, AirPlay no longer supports iPhone, iPad or iPod touch due to “technical limitations” .

At AppleA Netflix you don’t care about the video service Apple prepares, you prefer to focus on the user experience

remove support for the iOS service with AirPlayremove support for the iOS service with AirPlay

Although AirPlay can still be started using the Control Center on an iOS device, when trying to test the function, MacRumors ensures that after this announcement, it is not possible to play Netflix content , and that an error message is triggered.

Following this update that removes AirPlay support from Netflix, a spokesperson for the service attributed this decision to the implementation of AirPlay support on third-party devices, and the inability to distinguish them:

“We want to make sure our members have an excellent experience with Netflix on whatever device they use. With AirPlay’s support for third-party devices, there is no way that we can distinguish between devices (knowing what an Apple TV is vs. what it isn’t) or certify such experiences” , he said.

According to the speaker, Netflix has decided to suspend the AirPlay support to ensure that its display quality standard is met. *”Members can still access Netflix from the built-in application on Apple TV and other devices.