Remoting a VNC connection to our Mac from the iPad

If you’re looking for a VNC client to connect your iPad to your Macs at home, stop looking now and download Remoter, an application that costs 0.79 euros from the iTunes Store that gives you easy access to all your computers within your network.

There are many other options to connect our iPads (also our iPhones or iPod touch) remotely via the “Screen Sharing” connection included in Mac OS X (I think I remember from 10.5) which is still a standard VNC connection . However, the other options are much more expensive (of course they also offer many other options), but if what we want is simplicity and quick access, I recommend this option, clearly with superior features to the “Lite” (free) alternatives of the rest of the VNC clients.

Remoting a VNC connection to our Mac from the iPad
Remoting a VNC connection to our Mac from the iPad

I would also like to remind you that using these applications, which like Remoter are based on an extended protocol, not only can we access our Macs in a simple way but there is also a good range of programs that facilitate the VNC connection in Windows or Linux environments , but the configuration of these third party programs in Windows may not be as simple as on the maquera platform, where the VNC service is integrated.

The program is very easy to configure in a Mac OS X environment, just add in the Sessions section the IP address of the Mac we want to connect and a password for access VNC and end of story, we will have remote access to the desktop. So first we must enter “Share” on our Mac, enable “Screen Sharing” and click the button (on the right hand side of the sharing list having selected screen sharing) to configure access, there we must enable the option to request a password, enter it (it asks for an administrator password) and it will be the one we will use from Remoter to obtain access. To find out the IP address of our Mac, we can see it in the network configuration. Once the session is established, Remoter remembers the login passwords and therefore we don’t need to enter them again (this function can be disabled in the program’s options)

From the program we will be able to extend the visualization of the desktop, to do actions of mouse like right click or drag, to access to a keyboard and to keys of function (ctrl,alt,cmd,esc…), the refresh is quite high and we will see the result of the actions that we undertake of very fast form, nevertheless it does not serve us to see a video, although as I say, by means of connection Wifi 802. 11n the response time is reduced considerably. I haven’t tried sharing the clipboard but I would be surprised. The program is very useful if we are far from our Mac and we want to check that download we have left running, or if you have finished running maintenance tasks in programs such as Cocktail or see how the system updates are going.

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Without a doubt, the fact that we use the larger screen of the iPad and its 802.11n connection , with a higher bandwidth, is when these types of applications make more sense than from an iPhone or iPod Touch, since having a larger screen and resolution and a lower response time, allows us to interact much more and better with what happens at the remote end, on the desktop of our Mac.


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