Remote Buddy 1.0RC2c

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It sounded to me that we had already talked about this program in Apple , and I found that we had done it only by glancing at it. A new Release Candidate for Remote Buddy has just come out, a program that can be used to control our Mac using, among others, the remote control of the Mac, a few mobile phones with Bluetooth , the controller of the Wii , etc. I recommend watching the video on their website where they control a Mac with the Wiimando. The possibility of guiding the cursor by moving the controller, and using the buttons on the controller to perform actions is really spectacular. If I had to do a lot of presentations with my Mac , or needed to control a Mac mini like Media Center from my living room, I would use the Wii remote. And if I didn’t have a Wii I would just buy the remote. The price of Remote Buddy is 9.99 euros, and you can try it out for 60 days without obligation. The ability to have a virtual keyboard, control more than 70 applications, such as Google Earth , and the possible definition of new behaviors make this program a little wonder.


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