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Remake of a mythical game (and many more in Retrospec)

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Few things have had as much “magic” in the world of video games as the 8-Bit era. Mythical games for Spectrum or Amstrad that many of us still remember ( and play ) in our ultramodern machines.

I couldn’t resist publishing the remake of a classic game where there are any: Head Over Heels , one of the masterpieces of Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond , who used the Filmation engine to represent pseudo-3D worlds on machines with very limited capabilities.

Remake of a mythical game (and many more in Retrospec)Remake of a mythical game (and many more in Retrospec)

However, the game has been updated in music and graphics . The music keeps the original tuning although it has more instruments, and the graphics now have shadows, lighting effects, triple buffering…

But this entry doesn’t end here: I recommend you to visit Retrospec , a group of programmers who adapt classics for different platforms. For Mac they have more classics like Humphrey ( from the Spanish company Zigurat ), Deflektor ( another of my favorite 8-Bit games ), Alien 8, Manic Minner, Jet Set Willy…

And now, stop wiping your tears with nostalgia and start downloading the games: they are published completely free of charge ( their original licenses expired or were released by the companies ) and if you have read this far, will surely become a must on your hard drive.