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Relevant brings Google Now-type ‘cards’ to the iPhone


Do you like Google Now? Well, an iOS application exploits this concept and takes it even further, to try to sneak in as ‘new home’ on the iPhone. This app has been named Relevant and tries to seduce those who are bored with the iOS icons by proposing an alternative based on cards. The basic idea of this app is to be your starting point for everything on the iPhone. Think of a top layer located above the Home that brings together in a very intuitive way the bulk of the things you do most often .

Relevant brings Google Now-type ‘cards’ to the iPhone
Relevant brings Google Now-type ‘cards’ to the iPhone

The news, your city’s weather forecast, your team’s results… Relevant puts all that information on a plate and with a much higher graphical weight than the current iOS icons. The good thing about this system is that uses contextual information so that it can suggest a place to eat depending on where you are, and can also run applications from this layer that each user will have configured to their liking.

The basic idea is that the user enters the experience offered by an application with each information module he works with, and making the most of gestures, as could not be otherwise. Add to this the support of Apple Watch and that more and more cards are added to understand that the idea can be quite successful in the future. You can download the app for free and see if it pays off to leave the conventional Home.


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