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Release date of the new Steve Jobs movie

We were recently seeing the first pictures from the set of the new Steve Jobs film. In those photos we saw the main actors (Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen) characterized as the characters they play: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the two founders of Apple. Now we have new information about the biopic, its f has been officially released .

Universal Pictures, the producer of the film, has informed that the film will be released on October 9th . As we already know, this new film will be based on the official biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. The story will focus on four important moments in the life of Apple’s founder and soul, telling of key moments in the development of Cupertino’s company.

Release date of the new Steve Jobs movie
Release date of the new Steve Jobs movie

It seems that this time the project will go ahead and we will finally see Jobs’ official biography made into a movie after a tortuous journey. Initially Sony Pictures was the producer with the rights, after several changes of cast they decided to reject the project and now it seems that finally Universal Pictures is taking it seriously.

Stop on October 9th there is still quite some time left and anything can happen in these months. Only we hope that the shooting will be successful and that there will be no more delays or changes . We are looking forward to watching again a movie about Steve Jobs’ life, another one that will join Jobs (in which Asthon Kutcher gave life to the Apple genius) and the already mythical Silicon Valley Pirates.

We will probably have to wait a few more weeks in Spain and the same day, October 9th, will not arrive, but we are certainly looking forward to enjoying it as soon as possible.

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