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Refurbished iPhones, where to buy them, are they worth it?

In an increasingly consumerist society, we always want to be on the cutting edge of technology. Whether it’s for the love of technology or for the fashion of being on the cutting edge. Unfortunately, every year there are better devices with prices unreachable for a large part of society .

Buying iPhone from reconditioners is becoming more and more common. Without going any further, I myself have bought reconditioned products in stores that do not have to be Apple itself, much better than buying second-hand, which we know that one of the problems of this type of purchase is the amount of risk we run: the iPhone may be blocked, it may be stolen, it may not work properly and it has no warranty or anything that ensures its proper functioning, etc.

Refurbished iPhones, where to buy them, are they worth it?
Refurbished iPhones, where to buy them, are they worth it?

To avoid these risks, it is best to buy from shops exclusively dedicated to the sale of refurbished smartphones , including iPhone, and which offer a guarantee of X time. If you don’t know any, I recommend you take a look at websites like SuperGad.

SuperGad guarantees the purchase of reconditioned products

SuperGad offers you a refurbished iPhone at very competitive prices . You will have at your disposal from an iPhone 4s to an iPhone 7 Plus of different capacities and colours. Without going any further, we can buy an iPhone 7 Plus for almost 150 euros less, i.e. for only 729 euros.

What guarantees do we have with SuperGad?

  • All the gadgets have been completely revised, which ensures the proper functioning of the device. To do this they test all the speakers, microphone, camera, battery, etc.
  • And in case you have any problems during the first year of purchase, you will have 1 year warranty.
  • All the mobiles have been checked and supervised by the police, so you can be sure that none of them have been stolen.
  • They are totally free, so you can be sure that they will work with any operator.
  • Delivery within 24-48 hours of purchase.

At SuperGad they have a philosophy, and I am in complete agreement with it after my many years of experience buying and selling second-hand products: we always sell products in good condition. Surely there are very good offers on second-hand terminals, but if something is too good to be true, it probably is not , common sense when deciding is what should prevail in these cases .

My personal experience

There is nothing better than one’s own experience to be able to talk about it. I have been, as I said, selling, buying and exchanging second-hand devices for many years. During that time I’ve seen everything, I’ve been ripped off, I’ve been cheated with an iPhone whose antenna was failing, mobiles sold as new and then stung, etc.

Yeah, I’ve seen it all. Of course it hasn’t always been negative, I’ve also been able to meet people who, like me, are passionate about this world that we don’t all have reach to and end up depending on it. That’s why in the end if I have to recommend something, it’s the purchase of refurbished products versus the purchase of second hand products.

And you have bought some reconditioned device? Have you had positive and negative experiences? Share your story in the comments, who knows if that will help other users who are buying for the first time. And I don’t want to say goodbye to this article without, again, recommending that you take a look at SuperGad , I assure you that the purchase will be positive .

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