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Reeder will support Feedly and Feed Wrangler when you close Google Reader

The announcement of the closure of Google Reader provoked a wave of criticism and regrets from its users. However, applications like Feedly have convinced the general public by becoming the perfect alternative to Google’s doomed RSS feed. Now that Google Reader has been shut down for good, applications like Reeder are beginning to give clues as to who their allies will be from now on.

Without a doubt Feedly has been the application that has best taken advantage of the closure of Google Reeder . When Mountain View gave the news that they were going to close their RSS manager, many people were throwing their hands at the head, it seemed like the end of the world, but Feedly was there to appear on stage and take a good piece of the cake as far as users are concerned.

Feedly: The New King

Reeder will support Feedly and Feed Wrangler when you close Google Reader
Reeder will support Feedly and Feed Wrangler when you close Google Reader

Feedly has made many people forget the already sentenced Google Reader however there is much suspicion and nostalgia that still denies this change. That’s why the new fashionable RSS manager assured that it would work on a new Google API clone under the name of Normandy . The aim is to be able to transfer all RSS feeds seamlessly from Google Reader to Feedly and give as many facilities as possible to the more than loyal users of the Google feed manager.

The truth is that this effort by Feedly is bearing fruit and the community around the RSS manager is growing considerably. In fact, according to the statistics, of the people who try Feedly 68% become regular users which means a very high conversion rate. To this we must add the increase in the time users spend using Feedly and a strategic alliance with Buffer through which the content shared through Feedly in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest has been multiplied by 10.

Applications around Feedly

Despite the spectacular growth figures Feedly has detected through the opinions that users have been leaving that your service is not as complete as it could be if you want to make the most die-hard readers forget for good. That’s why he’s working on an application ecosystem just like Google Reader had.

According to Feedly they are participating and working on their Normandy API developers such as Reeder, Prensa, Nextgen reader, Newsfy and gReader . Therefore we will be able to access our Feedly through all these applications before Google Reader closes its doors definitively. At the moment the API is closed but once this phase of development is finished it will be open and free.

Wrangler will also have Reeder

Of course not only Feedly exists on the market, other RSS services have appeared on the scene since Google announced the closure of Reader as may be the case of Feed Wrangler , another RSS service that saw the light during the month of April. Reeder’s guys have already assured that they are also working on supporting this application as alternative to Feedly.

As for dates, we don’t know anything about when Feedly’s Normandy API or Reeder updates will be available but knowing that Google Reader will close its doors on July 1st can’t be far behind.

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