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Recuperamos la estación de acoplamiento, Apple PowerBook Duo Dock

We return for another week with Apple Vintage, a section in which we will travel to the past with the intention of paying a small tribute to the products that Apple has been launching throughout its history. Today we will go back to the end of 1992 to recover a powerful accessory designed for the PowerBook Duo line: the Apple Duo Dock, a docking station that allowed these hybrid devices to be converted into fully functional desktop computers.

We are back, one more week, in Apple Vintage, the retro section of Applesupportphonenumber in which we will recover the products that have marked the evolution of Apple to become the company we all know today.

Recuperamos la estación de acoplamiento, Apple PowerBook Duo Dock
Recuperamos la estación de acoplamiento, Apple PowerBook Duo Dock

In this new issue, we open the Memory Chest to dust off the PowerBook Duo Dock , a station that turns PowerBook Duos, the ephemeral family of hybrid notebook and desktop computers, into fully functional desktops.

The docking station came on the market in October 1992 at a cost of USD 500 , in an attempt to provide such hybrid equipment with the ports, connections, memory and disk capacity that it initially lacked.

The Dock Duo was compatible with all monochrome PowerBook Duos – PowerBook Duo 210, 230, 250 and 280- , but could also support colour PowerBook Duos – PowerBook Duo 270c, 280c and 2300c100- , thanks to a small modification.

Its generous dimensions – 12.2 x 31.2 x 41.4 centimetres, for a total weight of 5.9 kilos – allowed it to offer a wider range of connectivity options, especially as the PowerBook Duo only had two integrated ports : an optional RJ-11 port and a serial port, for use with external printers or modems.

Thus, the station was able to add a drive 1.4 MB floppy disk reader , a second 230 MB SCSI hard disk – at the user’s request -, and a wide range of standard ports on Macintosh, in general, and PowerBooks, in particular.

Among all of them, it is worth mentioning the two slots NuBus for internal expansion cards that incorporated, one dedicated video card with 512K of VRAM SIMM memory , which allowed a variety of resolutions to be displayed, a DB-15 video port , an ADB port , two serial ports , and jacks for audio input and output.

There is no doubt that the Duo Dock, managed to meet the expectations of the most professional user profiles that could obviate the limitations of the PowerBook Duo. However, the dubious acceptance of the concept of the hybrid computer and its limited impact on the market ended up having a negative impact on the development of the station, which was discontinued on 1 July 1995.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you with a extensive photo gallery courtesy of Flickr user Daniel Bagel.

That’s it for today. In 7 days we’ll continue with our particular review of Apple’s successful history. Don’t miss it! If you’d like us to dust off a particular product or if you have one at home that you’d like us to include in future deliveries, we invite you to share it with us.

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