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recovering the password several times can cause the opposite

Sometimes, when you forget your Apple ID password and ask the company to reset it, it can take up to several days depending on the status of your devices. It’s not uncommon in such cases to see users getting desperate and repeating the process of requesting a new password, something that can have even harder consequences from now on.

Apple has updated its official support documentation on this subject, maintaining the initial recommendation to use another device to recover the password but adding a warning: if too many password recovery requests are sent from the web, the company reserves the right to simply do nothing .

recovering the password several times can cause the opposite
recovering the password several times can cause the opposite

Basically, Apple is telling us that recovering a forgotten password from an Apple ID can take days and cannot be accelerated by repeating the request dozens of times. The only thing we can do to speed up the process is to turn off the rest of our devices , so that there will be no activity that might seem suspicious and has to be monitored. Apart from that, it’s up to you to be patient unless you suddenly remember the password: using it to log in cancels the recovery process and everything returns to normal.

In AppleApple proposes a new system to improve the SMS of the authentication in two factors

From my own experience with customers in my training sessions, it helps to follow these tips when retrieving your Apple ID password:

  • Have two-step authentication enabled on your iPhone.
  • Always keep the operating system of your devices updated to the latest version you can.
  • Whenever iPhone asks you to re-enter your Apple account password, do so. Don’t ignore or delay the process, because it involves future complications.
  • If you forget your password and follow these tips, you can reset it in your Apple ID settings using your iPhone. All you need to do is enter your device’s lock code, something you won’t have forgotten just because you’re used to using it.

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