Recovering Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

Have you ever closed a tab in Safari and later realized you needed it? This is quite typical and many times we give up the link that was on that tab. But all is not always lost, since Safari on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch allows to recover the last closed tabs as it happens with the desktop version of the browser and with other competing browsers.

The ability to view recently closed tabs in Safari from our iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is really useful. It’s not unusual to close a tab thinking we don’t need it anymore and later realize that we do, that we shouldn’t have closed it.

Recovering Recently Closed Tabs in Safari
Recovering Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

Here are the steps to retrieve a recently closed tab in the iOS version of Safari . This is a very simple process, but unfortunately it’s not as obvious as it should be and until you explain how to access it it goes completely unnoticed.

1.- Touch the icon that gives you access to all the open tabs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in Safari. The icon in the lower right corner is shaped like two squares, one behind the other.

2.- Now we touch and hold the icon shaped like + that is centered at the bottom of the screen. After a few moments a new window will appear with the last tabs closed.

3.- Touch the tab you want to recover and it will open again immediately.

That’s it, with these simple steps we can reopen a tab that was recently closed and view the contents of the web page in question again (as long as we haven’t previously deleted the history from our device). Without a doubt a really useful and unknown feature for many users.

Did you know about this feature of the mobile version of Safari? As we said, it’s a bit of a hidden feature, but once we learn how to use it it’s really useful and we’ll never lose a website again because we can’t retrieve a tab that was accidentally closed (or on purpose and remember later that we needed it).

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