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Recovering deleted data from your Mac is that easy

It has happened to all of us at some point that we have deleted some important file that we did not have to delete. But that may not be the only problem, a drive may become damaged and inaccessible , or perhaps a design partition becomes corrupted. This is very frustrating, because apparently there is no way to recover that file, photo or document anymore if we haven’t backed it up natively. However, today we bring you an app that will manage to recover your lost documents.

This is Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac in its Professional version and allows us to recover files deleted from our Mac and best of all it works with both internal hard drive and external drives. I have been able to test the application personally and the results are excellent.

Recovering deleted data from your Mac is that easy
Recovering deleted data from your Mac is that easy

This application is a professional file recovery tool, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac provides us with software capable of returning photos, videos, documents, emails … but also has experts to help us in the process if we do not get the results we want.

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If even with help we can’t recover our deleted files on our Mac, they have a specialised laboratory where we can send our hard drives or USB sticks for analysis. However, for the vast majority of cases, with this software we will be able to recover our files.

Using this app couldn’t be easier , as soon as you start it, a window appears with the different file types that you can recover from your Mac. This is a very clever feature as if we’re looking for a photo it will only focus on that. Also you don’t have to worry about the file system since the software is able to read APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT or NTFS without problems. Also will be able to access encrypted hard disks if we have the password.

When we select the type of files we want to recover we click on Next and we will see the volumes connected to the device . If we want to recover a deleted file on the Mac’s hard drive we must select Macintosh HD, if it is data from a USB memory stick the name of the USB memory stick will appear.

Once the drive from which we want to recover our deleted data has been selected the application will scan it thoroughly for deleted files . I was able to test it myself by deleting an image from a USB drive and then was able to recover it without any problem . The recovered files will appear in folders and we can save them again on our Mac.

Other features worth mentioning is that this application is also capable of diving into the backups of Time Machine , Apple’s official system, so we don’t have to waste so much time. It is also capable of creating images of our disk to be able to recover deleted files in the future. This means that Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is more than just a recovery app, it will also prevent future data loss.

This application is compatible with the latest version of Mojave macOS 10.14, but it is also compatible with older versions such as High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 or 10.7. It is completely in Spanish and you can download it for free , to recover large files you will need a user license.

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