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Recover lost files from your iPhone with iMyFone D-Back

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Mauricio Martinez

Recover lost files from your iPhone with iMyFone D-Back
Recover lost files from your iPhone with iMyFone D-Back

Posted on December 08, 2016 – 05:30

A lot of personal and work files pass through our iOS device, and it happens that we lose or delete files by mistake, or our iPhone is simply frozen or no longer accessible. This time we bring a post about an application that can help you if you have any problem with your files, it is iMyfone D-Back, which can act quickly to recover files deleted from the iPhone, and other tools that can help your iPhone improve.

iMyfone D-Back, an app that will be useful to recover files

Which users can occupy iMyfone D-Back? In case you have accidentally deleted files on your iPhone , in case you don’t remember the unlock code of your iPhone, when you need to make a backup by upgrading to another iOS version, emergency resets and others.

There are several ways to retrieve information from our iPhone that we will describe below:

This is perhaps the easiest way to recover files, since you can choose which applications you want to recover the information in. You can retrieve messages, WhatsApp history, WeChat, photos, videos, call history, notes, voice recordings , and more. The speed of search depends greatly on what you find on your iPhone.

  • Recovery via iTunes

If you’re used to backing up data in iTunes, this feature is the right one for recovering information when your iPhone no longer works or you want to extract information from the past , you need to connect your iPhone so that the app can perform the search without any problem.

  • Recovery through iCloud

If your information is in the cloud, iMyFone D-Back performs a comprehensive search of all files that are in this location . It works the same way as Smart Recovery because you can select the type of files you want to locate.

  • Recovery through your own device

If you don’t have a backup, if you don’t have information in iCloud or elsewhere, you can use this option directly as it will perform a pure search, i.e. will perform a search for all the information still stored . It can work as a last hope in case you don’t find that lost file you want so badly.

Look no further, iMyFone D-Back will or will not help you locate those files in any way and efficiently.

iMyFone D-Back pricing and plans

iMyFone D-Back has three different plans for purchase , you can try the free version for a few days to evaluate its performance and then you can be convinced to choose one of the following plans:

  • Basic license at $49.95 for one device.
  • Family license at $99.95 for 2 to 5 devices.
  • Business license at $369.95 for all the devices you want.

When you purchase one of the plans you get a 30-day money back guarantee, lifetime support and upgrades plus the personal and financial information you provide will be encrypted and protected to prevent fraud.

What did you think of this app? If you had any questions, here’s a video from our colleague David Hebrero that summarizes the features of iMyFone D-Back for Mac.

Visit the iMyFone D-Back site by clicking this link.

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