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Record videos with your iPhone screen turned off thanks to this trick

Maybe at some point, for whatever reason, you needed to use the camera without being seen. This trick for your iPhone, will allow you to do this concretely. It’s something that you probably won’t need every day , but you don’t know when you will need it.

As you can see, not all bugs or errors are bad , since we can record with the camera keeping the iPhone in standby thanks to this.

Record videos with your iPhone screen turned off thanks to this trick
Record videos with your iPhone screen turned off thanks to this trick

This trick is only available from iOS 10 . On the plus side, it works with all versions of the system, including the current iOS 10.3 beta. However, if you have older versions of the system you can probably do it too, but in a different way. I also think it is necessary that, as it is an iOS bug, you will not need to Jailbreak or install applications .

In order to use this error, it will be necessary to have prepared it previously . We’ll have to change some small settings. Anyway, don’t worry. Preparing the trick is the hardest part, because after that it will be a matter of seconds before you start recording.

We configure the system to allow us to record

1. Enter the iPhone settings and click on the General option. Then select the Accessibility option, and then select Zoom.

2. Now, activate the “Zoom” option. Don’t worry if a rectangle appears around it.

3. Once you have done this, you must tap the screen three times in succession with three fingers at a time. A pop-up menu should appear. In it, you should choose the option ‘Full screen zoom’. You will also see a bar at the bottom for choosing the zoom level, set it to the minimum.

4. Now, in the same pop-up menu, choose the option ‘Select Filter’, and then select ‘Low Light’.

5. Then go back to the accessibility section, select the ‘Quick Function’ option, and now choose ‘Zoom’.

Finally, to check that you’ve done everything right, you can press the start button three times in a row. In theory, you should lower the screen brightness to a minimum. If this doesn’t happen, check that you’ve done all of the above well or leave a comment below so that we can help you.

How to record maintenance on the iPhone at rest

Now comes the important moment. Once you have set this up, you must now know how to start recording . This is not a very complicated process, but it can get confusing.

1. We start from the lock screen. Slide to the left as if you were going to open the camera, but try to keep the lock screen more or less halfway. To do this, press and hold the part where it appears with your finger. Below is a picture to help you understand this better.

Continue to hold down the lock screen part with your finger while switching the camera from photo to video.


3. Without releasing the lock screen part, press the shutter button. The iPhone will start recording. Then, while still holding, press the Home button three times in succession. Now you can let go of everything, because the Home screen will still be where you left it. If you want, you can lock your iPhone and it will continue to record. You’ll stop recording when you unlock it or enter the widget section.

As you can see, this is a trick that can be very useful on occasion. Finally, I would like to warn you that it is better to keep your iPhone silent when using it, because once the recording is finished, it will play a sound .

Did you know this trick? Could you use it?