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Recommended iPhone and iPad games and apps for the week of July 17, 2017

Video editing from iPhone, cocktail recipes to succeed in any situation, haunted amusement parks, racing team simulator… This week our recommendation of apps and games for iPhone and iPad of the week comes loaded with great titles that you can enjoy this summer.


Nowadays sharing video on social networks is very common and that’s why having a good app that allows you to edit video from your iPhone can be a great idea. Filmr is a perfect app for this, since it allows to edit video in a simple and fast way .

Recommended iPhone and iPad games and apps for the week of July 17, 2017
Recommended iPhone and iPad games and apps for the week of July 17, 2017

Unlike other apps of the style, this one keeps a simple interface and has all the options at sight to be able to create videos with very good results. Mixing different videos, merging music with ambient sound, cutting video clips, embedding photos on top of a video… All this and much more is possible with this app.

Cocktail Flow

If you like to surprise your friends or simply enjoy trying different cocktails and combinations, Cocktail Flow is for you.

In this app you will find more than 600 step-by-step recipes with which you can prepare all kinds of drinks at home . You can choose the type of cocktail you want by category, ingredients, etc, etc…


An app created by a woman for all women in the world. Clue is a menstrual and ovulation calendar that allows you to follow your menstrual cycle, calculate the dates of your next period and the days you are most likely to become pregnant based on it.

The application also has monitoring options. Specifically, it has 31 different categories, in which it is possible to follow up on: sexual activity, colic, emotions, weight, hair, birth control pills or mood to give some examples.

Moji Maker

Are you an Apple iMessages user and emojis fan? Then this app should not be missing from your iPhone or iPad.

With Moji Maker you can create all the custom emojis and then send them to any iMessage contact as stickers . The app includes hundreds of customization options including: noses, eyes, lips, hands, hats, etc, etc…

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

If you like simulation games and are a fan of motor sports, this new Motorsport Manager Mobile is a must for your iOS devices.

In this game you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a motor team manager and make all the decisions to take the team to the top season after season . You will have to recruit drivers, upgrade your cars, choose engine modes, tyre compounds…

Calculator: The Game

Have you ever played with a calculator? I’m sure the answer is no, but that’s going to change now that you’ve come to App Store Calculator: The Game.

In this game you will have to test your mathematical ability to overcome the challenges that this original calculator offers you.

Are you ready?

Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two

Minecraft is a title that needs no introduction and now features a new story mode delivery .

In it you will have to help Jesse and his friends to overcome a new adventure full of difficult decisions that will make him advance towards his goal.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Build the amusement park of your dreams with rides where you will find characters with more than 90 years of Disney history like Mickey Mouse, Princess Rapunzel or other more reicent ones like Buzz Lightyear.

Maleficent will not make it easy for you to create the park and for visitors to enjoy their visit, so be careful to protect yourself from evil spells.

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