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Recommended iPad Applications for Children

Doodle Buddy

Kid Art para iPad

Con Kid Art no tendremos un lienzo en blanco sino que l a aplicación nos guiará a través de tres mundos que harán que el niño los explore usando las tonalidades y elementos que puede encontrar en cada uno de ellos . En este caso la aplicación viene acompañada de música atractiva para el niño que hace ser más receptivo a la aplicación. Está disponible en la App Store a un precio de 0.79€ .

Recommended iPad Applications for Children
Recommended iPad Applications for Children

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It seems that the iPad is making inroads into the entertainment of the little ones as well.

Here is an interesting summary of how the iPad impacts on children’s interests . The older ones have a great influence on the younger ones and with the iPad it was not going to be less .

The most interesting thing is how children adapt and play on the iPad with amazing ease . One thing kids love to do is draw and that’s why the iPad is such a joy. These applications are the recommended ones for children between 2 and 3 years old to exploit their more artistic vein.

Doodle Buddy for iPad

This application puts at our disposal a blank canvas for creativity to fill with handmade drawings, from pre-established designs or directly from a photo in our gallery . It is available in the App Store for free .

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