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Recommended app and game of the week are Unfold and Crowd City

One more week we bring you recommendations from the App Store that I’m sure you’ll like. Today we arrive with an app like Unfold, great for editing your Instagram stories or WhatsApp to make them unique and a game like Crowd City where you have to eat or be eaten.

Last week we recommended what is probably the best application to find wallpapers , at least in terms of design, and a very addictive puzzle game in which we became a funny cube.

App of the week: Unfold

Recommended app and game of the week are Unfold and Crowd City
Recommended app and game of the week are Unfold and Crowd City

The stories are on all the social networks, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp… even YouTube has included them. If you want to be the most original of all your friends you have to download this application on your iPhone.

With Unfold we have hundreds of templates to make our stories unique. We can add effects, text, frames, collect photos , the possibilities are incredible. It is also an app with very good ratings and downloading it will be a success.

Game of the week: Crowd City

The game we recommend this week is similar to many others but with a different design. Surely you have played this type of game at some point when you are in a city, you compete against 9 other users online and you have to get to be the first by getting bigger.

In this case you will start with one person and you will have to move around the city adding more people to your “crowd”. Be careful when you heal with another user, if you have more people in your group than him you will be able to kill him but otherwise he will be the one who stays with your companions. A very fun game to play at any time, the games last only 2 minutes.

These have been our recommendations of the week, if you liked them next Sunday we will bring you two more.

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