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Reclaiming space by clearing the Twitter cache for Mac

The space on our hard disk is something we take great care of, especially when its limit is near . It is true that in recent years, the storage capacity of the disks is much higher and that it is increasingly difficult to fill them but, and I say this from my own experience, filling 200 or 300 GB is very easy nowadays, especially because of the large capacity of space required by the latest games and programs or downloadable content in general.

At the time we saw the possibility of removing unnecessary content from Steam, so we got a few GB of free space that would relieve, as far as possible, our disk . Today, we’re going to do the same – get some space – by setting our goal on the Twitter application for Mac .

Reclaiming space by clearing the Twitter cache for Mac
Reclaiming space by clearing the Twitter cache for Mac

The much criticized official Twitter application for Mac has been gaining followers with the arrival of new updates that, even in the absence of many highly demanded features or tools , has managed to become a fast, efficient and valid application for a large percentage of Twitter users, among which I am.

Now, why or how will we get space? Easy. The application caches the images of the Twitter users’ profiles which, over time and with use, can grow from a few MB to a few GB. Therefore, removing this information will increase the available disk space . Here’s how to do it.

  • We go to the Finder and click on the top tab Go.
  • Once the tab has been opened, press Alt and you’ll see the Library section appear in the tab.
  • There we will follow the following route: Containerscom.twitter.twitter-macDataLibraryCaches
  • And here we’ll see the folder causing all the storage evils com.atebits.tweetie.profile-images. We’ll go inside and proceed to delete – quietly – the hundreds of files that will be inside it.

This will get us some extra space on our Mac. In my case, not much has been obtained after this -it doesn’t even reach 350 MB- but surfing the web and, above all, on Twitter I have seen people where the space in that folder exceeded 6 GB of memory. A quick and easy way to gain some space on our disk , that we can complement with other techniques of much deeper cleaning of our hard drive.

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