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Reclaim space on your iPhone by getting a free iMyfone Umate license

Our iPhone stores garbage over time, and it’s easy for those with an 8GB or 16GB model to find themselves with a full device warning. Sometimes we don’t want to delete photos or music to free up space, and sometimes it doesn’t solve too much . There are solutions that take care of clearing the cache and temporary files from our devices, such as iMyfone Umate. Taking advantage of Mother’s Day, we can get a free license, which we explain how to get below.

Sometimes even deleting the applications will leave traces of them on the system, and this application will take care of deleting these files and those of the apps we have installed . This will free up several hundred MB or even GB depending on how long it takes to clean up.

Reclaim space on your iPhone by getting a free iMyfone Umate license
Reclaim space on your iPhone by getting a free iMyfone Umate license

iMyfone Umate will also do a quick scan to find repeated files that are unnecessary in our iOS system. If we want, we can do a manual scan of the different areas of the system, and so assess what we want to remove according to our criteria . For those who use PCs, there is also a Windows version.

What does iMyfone Umate offer?

iMyfone Umate has the following features:

  • Delete Junk Files: This feature is capable of deleting application cache, error logs, cookies and temporary files. It also finds downloaded temporary files and corrupted files, as well as the cache of film photos and those generated by third-party applications.
  • Delete Temporary Files: Uses a technology that allows you to delete specific temporary files from each app. It goes into the folders of each application and takes care of deleting all the content that is no longer useful, but that iOS does not delete by default, and that takes up useless space.
  • Reduction of the size of the photos: This reduction of size is done by compressing 75% of the size of the photos without loss, according to the developer. But do not be afraid of losing the originals, because the application will automatically make a backup on your computer, of all those photos reduced.
  • Large File Backup: Backs up the largest files and then deletes them from the device, to help us recover as many MB as possible. Only suitable for those with serious space problems.
  • Remove applications that we no longer use: It is capable of knowing the applications we use the least, and thus suggests eliminating those that occupy the most and that we have opened the least, in order of space occupied.
  • Backup of our files: In addition to the larger files, it is also capable of backing up all of our content hosted on the device, such as photos, videos and files saved in applications.

Get free iMyfone Umate!

The developers will allow us to get a free license of this application taking advantage of Mother’s Day. This is a promotion that will be active from May 5th to 10th, and all you have to do is share the event page on any of your social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

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Then, by entering our name and email, we will be sent a code to register our copy of iMyfone Umate; but we will also be able to purchase other company products at a 65% discount.

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