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Real Time Filters and new Square Mode

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When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, the native camera application, despite its limitations, was one of the device’s most outstanding features and helped the smartphone quickly become one of the most popular cameras on Flickr.

Real Time Filters and new Square Mode
Real Time Filters and new Square Mode

However, since Apple launched its App Store, the camera’s native application was quickly replaced by more advanced third-party applications such as Camera+ or Instagram itself. Not only did they have an elegant user interface, they also offered many more features than the app on the apple.

We analyze the new features of the iOS 7 Camera application

Fortunately Apple has improved the user interface of the camera app in iOS 7, and added new features such as real-time filters. This is what the company says about the new version of the app:

Here’s what we know about the new iOS 7 camera application:

  • When you start the Camera application you will see a new user interface. The shutter release button at the bottom has a new design more in line with the iOS 7 design, the shift button between front and rear is located at the top right, as well as the flash button at the top left. All buttons blend seamlessly with the new flatter user interface.
  • The options menu has been removed. The levers for accessing the video or panorama mode have also disappeared, accessed by sliding the shutter button.
  • The iOS 7 camera comes with a new mode called Square which, as the name suggests, allows you to take pictures just like with the square mode, just like Instagram.
  • The real-time filters are accessible via the button to the right of the release button. When you click on the button, it displays the real-time effects. You will have to select the filter you want and take the picture with the effect applied.
  • Filters can be applied in normal and square mode, they are not available for videos and panorama mode.
  • You can also apply the filters after the picture has been taken.
  • Best of all, with iOS 7, photos can be taken at lightning speed – there’s no noticeable delay from the moment you press the shutter button until the picture is taken. It’s instantaneous.
  • The HDR option is available just above the camera and shutter button modes and is only available in normal or square mode. iPad users will also be able to take HDR photos with iOS 7.
  • It is possible to access the application from the direct access located in the lock screen and, as we mentioned in the Control Center analysis, we can also access it from the same.
  • In iOS 7, the camera slider responds to the laws of gravity. In fact, if it slides higher and bounces back, it may bounce back into the application. It’s a publicity stunt, but it’s cool.
  • The option to activate Grid View is hidden in the Application Settings (Camera – , Photos and Camera).
  • And let’s not forget, the Camera app also has a new icon.

The new Camera application will be available on iOS 7 when it is launched in late September or early October, presumably.

The Camera application, as explained in iPhonehacks, has generally received a major update in iOS 7 and features such as real-time filters and the ability to take instant photos will give the iPhone’s native app a new lease of life. What do you think of the new features? Enough to avoid having to use third-party applications?

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