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Real Racing update brings American muscle cars

Posted by Diego Liarte in Games on 22082013 at 01:03

Real Racing

Real Racing update brings American muscle cars
Real Racing update brings American muscle cars

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With Gamescom 2013 in full swing and EA showing off plenty of new features, today we have an update for Real Racing 3 for iOS. Now we have new classic American muscle cars from Dodge and Shelby, new events to play with these cars and a new visual physics system, which also increase the feeling of speed, and the best: all for free.

EA has just released an update for Real Racing 3 that brings new vehicles as well as slight performance improvements and new special events for these cars just brought in from Detroit.

Among these new cars is a collection of muscle cars V8 from Dodge and Shelby, which EA says include new and improved visual physics. The update also brings with it improved cameras and more tuning options .

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • New Cars: Dodge and Shelby bring to Real Racing 3 a collection of incredible muscle V8’s.
  • New tests: compete in the exciting new series driving various new muscle from Detroit.
  • Difficulty Adjustment: You can fine-tune your skills faster and more precisely to make the competition even more challenging.
  • Improved visual physics: these classic muscles come to life with the **pitch and roll rotation axes.
  • Improved cameras: The feeling of speed and movement has been enhanced to provide a more authentic competitive experience.
  • More options for social networks: Time Shifted Multiplayer and Cloud Save function have been improved.

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