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Real Racing 3 for Apple TV, brings the split screen to one of the best iOS games

Real Racing is one of the oldest iOS game franchises. Its first game was released in 2009, and is now available with Real Racing 3 and Apple TV . A few days ago an update brought the split screen to its version for this set-top-box . We have been able to test it and the sensations are great, although with some drawbacks.

One of the great advantages of this upgrade is that you can play up to four people on your living room TV without the need for a Siri Remote or an Apple TV compatible controller . All you need is an iPhone or iPad connected to the WiFi network and a game installed on each device.

Real Racing 3 for Apple TV, brings the split screen to one of the best iOS games
Real Racing 3 for Apple TV, brings the split screen to one of the best iOS games

Are you ready to compete on your Apple TV?

Welcome to the best multiplayer racing

As you can see in the video, Real Racing 3 looks spectacular on Apple TV. The company responsible for its development already had us used to very good graphics on iOS devices. It’s true that before having this version of the app, you could play it on Apple TV using AirPlay. But it is clear that we are facing something totally different .

The gaming experience is far superior when everything is adapted to the television. The graphics are fluid and the transitions are smooth. The only drawback is that the developers (Firemonkeys Studios) seem to have moved the game interface around, making the menus look unadapted. We will have to move through them using a “glove” that acts as a pointer.

Despite this, Real Racing 3 is a great game for Apple TV. The steering wheel control is perfectly adapted to the Siri Remote and inherits the ability to turn by tilting the controller, just like the iOS version but with the device itself. But the real star is the incorporation of the split screen .

Up to four people can play at the same time, using either an iPhone, iPad, Siri Remote or a dedicated controller such as the Nimbus Steelseries. This exploits the true potential of the game and Apple TV, bringing it closer to a device for playing with more people and sharing the screen. They are very entertaining games with guaranteed fun and bites.

The shadows of Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a universal app and compatible with iPad, iPhone and now Apple TV. It is also a free-to-play game, so it is free to download. The drawback is that we find it with other games of this type.

It inherits the virtual currency and queuing system from the iOS version, and although if you want to move faster you need to make payments with real money, it makes some sense. After all, Real Racing 3 like many other games is meant to be played in short periods of time. But on Apple TV this is different.

You don’t sit on the couch at home and play a thirty-minute game and have to wait fifteen minutes for your car to be fixed. In the end, you get tired of waiting and the good feeling of the game is broken. It seems that since EA took over the franchise, in-app purchases have multiplied. Another drawback is that when you install the game the first time you have to wait for all the necessary data to be downloaded before you can play.

Real Racing 3 para iOS, gratuita (versión para Apple TV en su App Store).

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However, that does not stop Real Racing 3 from being a very good game , entertaining and with amazing graphics . Even Nascar races have been added in this update, with official cars and racers from these races. And all your progress, whether on Apple TV or another device, syncs up with Game Center.

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