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ReadKit now supports Feedly as a synchronization service

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ReadKit now supports Feedly as a synchronization service
ReadKit now supports Feedly as a synchronization service

ReadKit has managed to be the first. It becomes the first OS X client to be able to offer synchronization with Feedly, the famous replacement for Google Reader. We were all looking forward to Reeder updates for iPad and OS X that support Feedly, but ReadKit has come to ease our anxiety, taking away many users from the legendary Reeder.

It was only a matter of time. After Reeder announced that it would launch entirely new apps for iPad and OS X with the goal of supporting the new synchronization services after Google Reader closed , the competition has been faster.

So today ReadKit finally becomes the first native OS X client to support Feedly , the ultimate synchronization service after the closure of Google Reader. So, after being one of the best after Reeder, now that Reeder has died on OS X, ReadKit takes over from the leader and leaves Reeder in the lurch.

Will this be a warning for your developer Silvio Rizzi to get his act together and have a Reeder version ready for OS X and iPad in a matter of days? Of course it is a relief for all of us who suffer from having to use Feedly as a web client , which will never work as well as a desktop application.

Here’s the complete list of changes from version 2.2 :

  • New RSS service: Feedly.
  • Added adjustment of the size of the headlines.
  • You can display the date of the items.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Improved performance when we mark everything as read

As the changelog says, new keyboard shortcuts have been added that will allow us to improve our experience when reading news. It is now a really mature, stable, powerful application with lots of services to support. If you are nostalgic, don’t worry, you can still use local RSS reading.

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