Rdio, more streaming music. Now up to six months free


Rdio is a music service with the streaming music service we will have a catalogue of 18 million songs that we can play via the web, applications for Mac and Windows or through their mobile versions (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry)

Discovering Rdio

Rdio, more streaming music. Now up to six months free
Rdio, more streaming music. Now up to six months free

Through Rdio the user can access 18 million songs , a current figure that forms its catalogue and that is growing. And all this without ads. No interruptions, just you and your music.

Created by Janus Friis, one of the creators of Skype, it was launched in our country in February last year. Until then it only allowed a seven-day trial, then we would move on to one of the payment plans it includes.

A first called Web plan, 4.99 euros per month, only allows transmission via the web or through the desktop application (Mac and Windows). Or go a step further and choose the unlimited plan, ?9.9 per month, which lets you play music from any of your options: web, desktop application, mobile, or Sonos and Roku systems. Plus, with the unlimited service, you can also listen to your music offline on your phone.

Six months of free music

To enhance the service and reach a wider group of users Rdio is now offering up to six months of free music . Something they can activate without a credit card.

The only limitation is that we can only do it through the web, the desktop application. But it is certainly a great opportunity for all lovers of good music.

When we access the application we’ll see a green bar at the top that will indicate the time we’ll have available to listen to music. Once it’s sold out we’ll have to wait until the next month and so on for up to six months. Once the period is over, we will be offered some of the plans again.

Undoubtedly, a very good opportunity to enjoy your favorite music and discover new artists or groups thanks to the social character of the service. The more people you follow, the more music you will find. A worthy competition for Spotify, one of the kings of online music right now.

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