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QuickOffice, the office suite for mobile devices becomes free

Google has announced a few hours ago that the QuickOffice mobile applications are now free . A decision that benefits all iOS and Android users who will be able to opt for this office solution without having to pay anything.

In this way, Google faces Apple with iWork and Microsoft with Office. At first as a response to iWork and its gratitude for those who activate an iOS device from now on. In the second case, as a measure of pressure, they might consider offering a free plan to use their Office Mobile apps.

QuickOffice, the office suite for mobile devices becomes free
QuickOffice, the office suite for mobile devices becomes free

In addition, to finish crushing some, for two years will offer an additional 10GB on their Google Drive accounts to all those users who install before the 26th QuickOffice. So, considering that many of us use Google’s services, which allow us to read documents in .doc, .xls and .ppt formats, who needs more? I recommend you to install it.

Even if you don’t know QuickOffice itself, I don’t think there’s much need to explain exactly what kind of application it is. As many of you can deduce from its name, it is an office application, a small and powerful suite for mobile devices (iOS and Android) that allows text editing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Bought by Google a year ago, now they’ve decided to make it free. With the new version 6.01 released for iOS today the application becomes universal, working on both iPhone and iPad. It improves the integration with Google Drive so that if you use this service only to store office documents you will not need to install the official app, Google Drive.

As for the functions, QuickOffice allows you to create and modify Word, Excel and PowerPoint files . Formats that in one way or another, despite the existing options, are the most common because in many jobs, organizations, etc. Microsoft Office is still used as an office suite.

We can also open PDF files, share files through shared folders on Google Drive or attach files to emails. No doubt a very complete app that is not out of place to have it always at hand.


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