questions and answers for Apple’s mobile payment platform

Until a few days ago, the phrase “Hey, what are you doing with your watch” was reserved for those who were trying to get on a plane, in a movie theater or at a concert with their Apple Watch. Now these situations are joined by stores where Apple Pay users can pay with the Apple Watch . And from today, with your ImaginBank or CaixaBank card.

However, these are not the only doubts that the Apple mobile payment system will generate in Spain. That’s why we decided to create this question and answer tutorial so that both users and businesses can solve them and enjoy the convenience and time savings of this system.

What are the requirements to pay in a business with Apple Pay?

questions and answers for Apple’s mobile payment platform
questions and answers for Apple’s mobile payment platform

Payment by cell phone is not a novelty in Spain. For several years now, Android terminals and various apps have been able to make payments in stores. Fortunately, in our country we have one of the most extensive fleets of POS (point of sale terminal, the device to which we bring the card) and contactless cards in the world .

Apple Pay is not a separate system. It uses the payment technology contactless already deployed in thousands of stores across the country so a business does not need to register anywhere. Nor do they need to buy or renew the POS. If the POS is contactless, as they are (almost) all today, they will be able to receive payments with Apple Pay.

Therefore, in order to make a payment with Apple Pay, these conditions are necessary :

  1. A store with a POS with contactless technology.
  2. An iPhone 6, 6s, SE or 7, as well as their respective Plus siblings.
  3. An Apple Watch of any model, paired with an iPhone 5 or higher. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone 5 or 5s since it’s the Apple Watch that makes the payment.
  4. A card associated with the Apple Pay program in Spain. Currently, only Banco Santander, Boon, CaixaBank, ImaginBank, Carrefour Pass, American Express and Ticket Restaurant cards can be used.

How do I know in advance if I can make payments with Apple Pay?

Once we have Apple Pay activated on an Apple Watch or iPhone, we can make mobile payments with these devices. To do this, you must check if the POS has one of these symbols , either on the screen or on the terminal. There are some stores that put stickers with them on the doors, next to the types of cards they accept.

Is it safe to pay and get paid with Apple Pay?

Yes, when you insert your card into Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch, an account number is created in association with the device. This is encrypted and stored in the Secure Element of the device, a security chip that is isolated from the operating system and not accessible by Apple. This information is also not uploaded to Apple’s servers at any time.

If you want to know how Apple Pay’s security measures work, you can consult this Apple document.

What about my privacy when paying with Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a totally private mobile payment system, unlike traditional or other platforms. The transaction is made between user, merchant and bank . Apple only intervenes to facilitate the platform, but does not keep track of what we have bought, where, when or how much it has cost.

The clerk will not see our name, card number, expiration date, security or bank code. So this is a completely private system. Of course, when we go to the Wallet app we will see our last transactions there, but this is information that will never leave our iPhone or Apple Watch.

Should the PIN be entered if the purchase is over 20 euros?

One of the most frequently asked questions by users and businesses about Apple Pay in Spain is whether they should enter the PIN on purchases over 20 euros . The answer is: it depends. In this case, the factor that limits the use of the PIN or not is the POS itself. Apparently, older contactless POS terminals require the PIN when paying with Apple Pay for purchases over 20 Euros.

But in those more modern POS, they can “skip” the PIN thanks to Touch ID . In any purchase with Apple Pay we must validate the disbursement with the Apple fingerprint sensor. Thanks to its level of security, Touch ID acts as a PIN in the transaction, making it much more convenient.

You can check our article on all the ways to pay with Apple Pay to know which stores are fully compatible with purchases over 20 euros without a PIN. Banco Santander is currently updating the terminals of its client businesses and in the coming months they will be fully compatible.

If I am a merchant, do I need to do anything to accept Apple Pay payments?

Only one POS that accepts payments contactless. No matter which bank the merchant is a customer of, the only thing that is required is that the customer’s payment method is one of the institutions that have Apple Pay (currently, Banco Santander, Ticket Restaurant, American Express and Carrefour Pass).

So there’s no need to talk to Apple, negotiate or enter their Apple Pay program. Nor do you need to get a specific POS for Apple Pay. One that accepts payments contactless is enough. It will simply vary in the PIN request or not depending on how modern the terminal is.

As a merchant, what will I face with Apple Pay payments?

You are probably already used to people paying with their contactless card at your establishment. In addition, you may have seen users paying with their Android smartphone . Now you’ll see how some iPhone users can do the same.

If you need help paying with Apple Pay, is as simple as bringing your iPhone to the POS . Without having to do anything, a menu will appear to pay for the purchase. They just have to place their finger on Touch ID to confirm the payment.

¿Qué están diciendo el resto de bancos españoles sobre Apple Pay?

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The novelty compared to other mobile payment platforms is the Apple Watch. From now on, you will see how some customers offer to pay with their watch without taking their cell phone out of their bag or pocket . For you as a merchant, it’s the same thing: the customer will activate Apple Pay on their Apple Watch and will take it to the POS to validate the purchase. That’s it! You don’t have to do anything else.

Can I do anything to indicate that my business accepts Apple Pay?

Yes, just as there is a sticker for contactless payments, Apple has created its own sticker to indicate payment with Apple Pay. On the Apple website there is a specific section for stores where you can download an information kit on how to proceed and the logo for the sticker to be placed in your store.

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