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Qualcomm charges Tim Cook after CNBC interview

The interview with Tim Cook broadcast yesterday by CNBC left interesting headlines. Apple’s CEO appeared for the first time after the announcement of the company’s forecast reduction for Q1 2019. In that interview Cook showed which are, in his point of view, the main current problems of the company and among them he highlighted the conflict in China. These statements appear not to have sat well with Qualcomm , who also received criticism from Apple’s CEO.

The interview with Tim Cook broadcast last night was followed with much anticipation by those who were waiting for a response from the CEO about the situation of his company. When asked about a possible meeting with Qualcomm to strengthen ties, the Californian responded:

Qualcomm charges Tim Cook after CNBC interview
Qualcomm charges Tim Cook after CNBC interview

Apple’s conflict with Qualcomm has been going on for several months now and is leaving a wild war of words in some countries like China . In that same country Cupertino’s company could soon be forced to officially withdraw some iPhone models as it has recently done in Germany where it is also having a fierce battle with the chip manufacturer.

Cook’s statements regarding a possible agreement with Qualcomm come after being hinted at by some authorised Qualcomm voices over the past few months. Even CEO Christian Amon said in December that the battle with Apple was nearing an end.

Qualcomm was annoyed with Cook’s statements , who also stated that the rival company “has a policy of no license, no chips” and that the conflict with them is that Apple tries to “offer a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory patent portfolio” while Qualcomm “charges exorbitant prices”. This was answered by the chip company:

In this way we have seen the umpteenth crossing of declarations between one company and another . We do not know if there will really be an agreement between them in the near future and this type of statement is part of a media circus. Be that as it may, we will continue to report in future days and weeks on new news related to this conflict.

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