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Putting a folder inside a folder in iOS 9

There have always been bugs in all operating systems, large or small, iOS was not going to be left behind. Many have been noticed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod OS. The ones that allowed to skip the lock screen, the ones that caused the use of the device in many of its functions by circumventing the iCloud, the ones that allowed to erase the iCloud of a device completely, even the same ones that allow to appear a Jailbreak for almost all the versions of iOS.

Since folders appeared in iOS, there has always been a small bug in this section, which allows us to introduce, in one way or another, folders within others, so that we can have something more organized the desktop, especially the compulsive downloaders of apps -among which many of us-. In iOS 9 there is also this bug .

Putting a folder inside a folder in iOS 9
Putting a folder inside a folder in iOS 9

In the case of Apple’s new operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad, it’s very simple, you don’t need to have Jailbreak, nor is it necessary to do fast and strange , it almost seems that they have done it by wanting to. The only problem with this operation is that when we reboot the device we have to put the folders back in place as they come out of the one included. The process would be as follows:

  1. We place the destination folder in the first horizontal row starting from the top of our desk.
  2. Place the folder you want to enter in the above-mentioned one on the same page of the desktop.
  3. We make a long press on the folder to activate the desktop edition mode that allows us to change the location of the apps.
  4. While pressing the previous folder, click on the gap between the folder where we are going to insert the one selected and the status bar. This gesture will cause the folder to open without having to previously release the one we have selected.
  5. Drag the selected folder to the destination folder and drop.

It may seem like too many steps, but the process is completed in seconds . See for yourself in this video where they do the whole process. Not a bad choice if you have too many folders on your desktop and want to organize your Homescreen some more.

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