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Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple remote

The new Apple remote, although a true marvel of design and unfortunately no longer included as standard on any computer, seems to have a new look that is more in keeping with the current range of computers. There is a quite simple trick that is very useful if you use your Mac as a TV or monitor, it is to put the computer to sleep from the remote itself .

To do this is very simple, we only need to leave the “play” button pressed for a few seconds, at that moment the equipment will show some “zzz” on the screen and it will go into standby. We can also turn it on in the same way.

Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple remote
Put your Mac to sleep using an Apple remote

Also remember some little tricks that you surely know but that it never hurts to keep in mind:

  • You can link any controller to a Mac by pressing the “next” button and “menu” at the same time.
  • If you want to delete the link, you can do so from the System Preferences in the Security section.
  • During a Mac reboot, you can access the various connected drives by pressing the “menu” button.
  • Finally remind you that you can check the battery status in a quite rudimentary but useful way, open Photo Booth and point the remote control at the camera, you’ll be able to check in a moment if it still has battery.

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