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Psystar’s statements about OpenComputer: Is a duel coming?

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I have no hesitation in agreeing with Macuser’s editor when he says that “this is going to be hilarious” in view of Psystar’s recent comments about their OpenMac computer, which they have had to hastily rename OpenComputer . This computer, as we have seen, is a clone that is supposedly 100% compatible with Mac OS X Leopard and has caused a stir throughout the network .

According to a brief statement on the phone from a Psystar employee who has only wanted to identify himself as Robert, they are not doing anything wrong and it is Apple that is breaking the laws of the monopoly of the Mac . Textually: ” What would happen if Microsoft decided that its Windows could be installed on Dell computers?

Psystar’s statements about OpenComputer: Is a duel coming?
Psystar’s statements about OpenComputer: Is a duel coming?

Furthermore, Robert complains about the apple strategy of “selling absurdly expensive computers, up to 80% of the normal” and thinks that the Mac OS X license, which says it cannot be installed on other computers than Apple, would not hold up in court, arguing with another example: ” What would happen if, after buying a Honda car, Honda forced you to go only on the roads they wanted?

Robert insists that Psystar is not breaking any laws, and that will continue to sell his OpenComputer with the option of having Leopard installed . But I see Apple’s rules very clearly: Mac OS X Leopard simply cannot be pre-installed on non-Mac computers. Personally I think that a good fight between Psystar and Cupertino’s lawyers is coming.

Now… What if they sell the computer without Leopard pre-installed and we buy the system separately? This is one of the possible ‘holes’ that may come out as a result of the launch of OpenComputer, which will undoubtedly bring Apple more than a headache and which has rekindled more than ever the debate about whether an Apple is too expensive for what it really is.

Would you buy an OpenComputer? I, personally, would not. Why? Because Apple’s hardware has the incentive of being full of small but very useful details that are missing in the rest of the computers, apart from its design and the comfort of its peripherals, like for example the aluminium keyboard that I’m using right now to write these lines. Besides, although they are very eager to revolutionize our world, I don’t think that Apple’s army of lawyers will let Psystar breathe much, do you think? Or maybe Apple needs to rethink the license of Mac OS X?


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