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Prowl, Growl notifications on your iPhone

Prowl is a client for Growl (notification system for Mac OS X) that allows you to receive notifications from our team directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

To work you need to have installed a plugin called Prowl.growlView . This provides Growl with the functionality to send any and all notifications to the Prowl server,

Prowl, Growl notifications on your iPhone
Prowl, Growl notifications on your iPhone

But do not fear being inundated by so many notifications, we can filter out which ones we are interested in or not receiving. An interesting application for, even being far from our team, to know if they finished downloads with applications like Xtorrent, Transmission,… or processes like video encoding, cd recording,…

Installation and configuration

To use Prowl we must first have the application, which we can download from the App Store and whose price is 2.39 euros . Secondly, a version of Mac OS X equal to or greater than 10.4 and Growl, or if you use Windows the corresponding version of Growl for that system.

If we meet the requirements, it’s time to get going. Go to and create a user account . This is what we’ll need as notifications will be sent to the iPhone and iPod Touch through this server.

Now we download the plugin, Prowl.growlView . In the Preferences Panel -> Growl -> Display Options select Prowl as Default Style . Now, in the list on the left we check Prowl again and start the configuration. First, fill in the details of the account you have created: username and password. The next option is to check it and select the style you had before. The second option allows us to determine the priority that the notification should have to be sent through the Prowl service. And the third one is to set that notifications are sent when our equipment is on standby during a fixed minimum period.

Then, after downloading and installing the iPhone application, go to Settings -> Prowl and insert our previously created user. Now launch the application and re-insert your username and password. That’s it, everything is set up correctly and we can start receiving notifications as we set up.

An important fact is that Prowl allows Push notifications, so if we have such notifications activated, the notices will reach us instantly.

Filtering Growl notifications

If you use Twitter clients among other applications, you know that Growl notifications can flood the screen. To prevent them from flooding our iPhone, we will only set up those that interest us.

To do this, go to Preferences Panel -> Applications . There we have a list of the applications that Growl monitors and then displays its notifications. Well, by default the priority of these notifications is normal.

To ensure that we only receive notifications of the desired applications via Prowl, we select a minimum level of high priority within the Prow options. Then, in the previous Applications menu, select the desired application and click on the Configure button.

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In the Notifications option we can select the notification and assign a value to its priority. So with each option and ready, we will have configured our notification system to your liking.


The system works really well. Having warnings about what’s going on on your computer while we leave it doing any task and go out of the house, the office,… is something interesting. Also, from Prowl’s own website we can send messages (notifications) that will arrive directly to our terminal.

The only problem is that devices where Jailbreak has been performed may not be properly registered, so we will not have such a Push Notification service. But, otherwise I liked it quite a lot and after a little filtering in my Growl notifications I have managed to be informed about the situation of my computer even being far away.