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Provenance, emulating console games on Apple TV

With Apple TV came the applications and with the latest changes in Apple’s policy, which affects the developer program, the possibility of installing old console emulators. And yes, without the need to resort to Jailbreak and the like.

If you have an MFi gamepad like the Nimbus from the SteelSeries, you’re a fan of 8-bit and 16-bit systems such as the NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), MegadriveGenesis or even some handheld systems like the Gameboy Advance with a keen eye. Provenence is the emulator that will allow you to play console games on your Apple TV .

How to install a console emulator on your Apple TV

Provenance, emulating console games on Apple TV
Provenance, emulating console games on Apple TV

Installing an emulator and in general any application that has not been approved by Apple is easy. The only requirements you will need are: Apple TV 4 generation, USB cable type C (in Amazon you can find them, I use this one from Orzly) , developer account (now it’s free unless you want to publish in the App Store) and a Mac with the latest version of Xcode. Well, and the source code of the application you want to install.

In our case the emulator we want to install on our Apple TV is Provenance . A project of which you can find all the necessary files as well as additional information on its Github page.

Once we have it the whole process is next, if you do it step by step there will be no problem:

  • We connect Apple TV to our Mac using the USB Type C Cable
  • Then we open Xcode and go to the Source Control menu ? In the new window that opens we’ll paste the project’s URL into GitHub
  • Once the loading is finished, we will see that a new project called Provenance appears. Select Provenance and click on Next. Then Master, continue and a window will appear to save the project (by default in Documents)
  • Once downloaded, a project window will open in Xcode. There we will have to go to Provenance, display and select ProvenanceTV.
  • The next step is to select our Apple TV and click on the Play icon. That will start compiling the application. As a rule, some errors will appear that will be easily solved by simply renaming the file and compiling it again.
  • The last step will be when the Build success message appears. That’s it, Provenance is now installed on the Apple TV.

Provenance, emulating consoles on your Apple TV

Once we have installed Provenance on the Apple TV the next step is to load the roms. This is a very simple process, we open the application and select Import roms. This will activate a server accessible from our computer by simply typing in the IP that appears on the screen -Apple TV and computer will have to be on the local network-.

When we access the server we’ll see a web interface that allows us to create folders as well as upload files (roms). Either through the import button or by dragging and dropping. It may seem complicated but it’s not.

The Playing Experience

Provenance is not a perfect emulator but the project improves with every update . At the moment not all games run smoothly but the vast majority are very playable.

Guía completa para jugadores retro en Mac

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The only big catch is how they look on today’s screens. Remember that in those years CRT televisions offered much less resolution than today’s monitors. I still think they’re worth a try. You might want to relive those games in games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and hundreds of other games.

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