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Protecting camera privacy on a Mac

Camera Lock (4,49 euros)

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Protecting camera privacy on a MacProtecting camera privacy on a Mac

We often read and hear about people who break into other people’s computers and are able to control various programs, including activating the camera. Against this, many developers have launched their applications to protect the privacy of users. One of the most valued is Camera Lock, which allows us to block full access to our Mac’s camera so that no one unauthorized can enter.

It also incorporates a function that informs us of which application is trying to enter and notifies us with the blinking green LED on the camera.

The application keeps a record of all activity carried out with both our Mac camera and another external connected camera so that we can consult the applications that have used it and keep a better control. If we block the camera, no application can use it.

Of course we can’t guarantee that this method is 100% reliable but it will serve to protect our privacy and reduce the chances of them controlling our camera.

You can find Camera Lock on the Mac App Store for 4.49 euros , being compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

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