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protect your terminal with style and personality

Using a case for a device such as iPhone X can serve several purposes. The most obvious is wanting to protect a new device that’s not exactly cheap. Other users prefer to do so to give it a distinctive touch, a way to express their personality. Or simply to improve your grip in all sorts of situations to avoid scares. Few cases fulfil these three objectives in the same way as the new leather cases for the Mujjo iPhone X , which we have tested over the last few days.

A re-edition of an already fantastic cover

Last year I had the opportunity to try out the Mujjo cases for iPhone 7 Plus, an accessory that I quite liked . Made of leather, they had a nice feel that combined the outside leather with the inside velvet to avoid scratches with the iPhone case itself.

protect your terminal with style and personality
protect your terminal with style and personality

On these models, the buttons were exposed as the Mujjo cover did not cover them. As a consequence, there are parts of the edge of the terminal that were exposed on the side as well as on the top and bottom.

Good materials, finish, velvet-lined interior and details to “dress” your new iPhone X as it deserves

For iPhone X, Mujjo has made two significant changes. The first and most striking is that the buttons are now covered by the case, leaving a small hole for the mute tab, speakers and Lightning connector.

The second is that the whole case is covered with leather or velvet inside. In last year’s models, the edge of the covers exposed the plastic material that forms the frame of this accessory. This is an improvement that may seem minor but completes the product and gives a higher quality feel .

New colour and models with card holder

For this analysis, Mujjo has given us two cases with their new olive green colour. At first I had my doubts, but as soon as you open the box and hold the sleeve in your hand, they disappear. Without a doubt is the colour to choose from the four possible colours: brown, grey, black and olive.

I have never seen the colour olive in a case in combination with a material like leather and the result is quite good. The finish is very good and well done, the only problem this time is that having all the buttons and corners closed, removing and putting the cover is more complicated than in last year’s models. This may have long term effects on the case if we do this operation constantly.

For the iPhone X, Mujjo has created her now traditional card case with a small variation. In the Plus model, the cards are inserted from the side, while in the iPhone X case they are inserted vertically. A decision that is probably due to the fact that it is a terminal more similar in width to the iPhone of 4.7 inches than the 5.5.

With Apple Pay and your documents in Mujjo’s wallet you can leave your wallet at home
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The cut remains oblique, to facilitate the power to put and remove the cards , with the effect that they remain much tighter (especially the first days). There is not too much space to put more than two in the same place, although if you have Apple Pay you will only need your ID and driver’s license.

The dotted finish of the wallet sleeve is pretty cool.

Mujjo has improved some already good covers: corner protection, leather edges and a much more striking colour. And she has done so while maintaining the same price as last year: 44.90 euros for the plain model, 49.90 euros for the model with a wallet. There is an additional “sock” type for 39.90 euros, interesting but we haven’t tried it.

If you were looking for a quality leather iPhone case in a distinctive colour, the olive-coloured Mujjo iPhone X case is a highly recommended candidate .

The accessory has been given for testing by Mujjo. You can consult our policy of relations with companies here.

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