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Protect your iPhone from the message with the emoji that blocks it

Every day, operating systems are renewed in many features, including security. At the same time, there are those who seek to circumvent these features using the simplest methods. This week a new bug was found, which allows anyone to block an iPhone with a three character text message.

The issue affects iPhone models running earlier versions of the iOS 10 operating system. Therefore, the easiest way to protect yourself is to upgrade to the latest version of iOS.

Emoji blocks iPhone

Protect your iPhone from the message with the emoji that blocks it
Protect your iPhone from the message with the emoji that blocks it

The message itself comprises a white flag emoji, a ‘0’ and a rainbow emoji , exploiting a solution that uses iOS to create the rainbow flag emoji, which is not an official emoji.

Typically, iOS would create the rainbow flag by linking the white emoji flag with the rainbow emoji, using a hidden character known as VS16.

However, in this case the two emojis are separated by the ‘0’, making the system lock and the physical and touch screen buttons unusable.

Solutions for iPhone blocking bug

Fortunately, the effect is only temporary , and the affected phones should continue to work as usual after one minute of inactivity.

If you cannot upgrade to the latest version of iOS due to storage requirements and someone insists on spoiling our day by sending the message several times, we can always block your number. But, if in any case the problem persists, then you should follow the following procedure, which forces to restart the iPhone through a Hard Reset.

  1. Press the power button until you see the message “slide off”.
  2. Don’t turn off your iPhone.
  3. Keeping the power button pressed, press the “Start” button and wait for the iPhone to turn off.
  4. Leave the buttons when the Apple logo is displayed.

Although this is not a very pleasant message, it does not cause any major problems for our iPhone and in any case we already have a couple of solutions at hand to avoid the annoying blockage.

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