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Protect your iPhone and measure your vital signs with Wello

Monitoring our physical activity and measuring our vital signs is something that companies are working on at full capacity . Proof of this are the multiples wearables shown during the last MWC as well as the incorporation of health and fitness experts in the ranks of companies as we have seen with Apple in recent months, so we see a iWatch very much on track in these areas.

Leaving suppositions and rumours aside, today we present Wello , a protective case for our iPhone with some very peculiar extra functions, will be able to measure our vital signs . The company in charge of this device, Azoi, has equipped this case with sensors that will give us information about our health such as heart rate , blood pressure , temperature or blood oxygen levels .

Protect your iPhone and measure your vital signs with Wello
Protect your iPhone and measure your vital signs with Wello

As we can see in the product presentation video, the measurement positions are comfortable for the user to which we must add its lightweight design that does not turn our device into a hulk. The important news is that users of other platforms will also be able to use it , of course they will not be able to take advantage of its function as a protective case – exclusively for iPhone 4s and iPhone 55s users.

Without a doubt, behind this project we have a great deal of time invested in design and development . Wello, still waiting for FDA approval, has entered the pre-order period in 35 countries -including Spain-. The pre-order price is 145 euros .

As I said at the beginning of the article, the possibilities of having accurate information about our health and our physical condition is, every day, easier thanks to solutions like these . Azoi, with his Wello, has combined this trend with the need to protect our iPhone from shocks. Great success! What do you think, do you see a future for these health monitors?

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