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Protect your devices with Bitdefender for an incredible price

As time passes, we are increasingly connected to the network and although there are many advantages it also has we are exposed to many dangerous as the possibility of personal information being stolen through malware or a virus entering our terminal. macOS is not free of this, as we have seen in recent months where the Apple operating systems have had many security problems. That’s why we recommend having a good antivirus on our devices and this time we recommend the Bitdefender antivirus. You can find all the information about this security company and the whole range of products they have available at

Bitdefender antivirus has the peculiarity that covers the most popular operating systems that exist today as are Windows, Android, macOS and even iOS, with interesting features and best of all, a price quite competitive with other companies.

Protect your devices with Bitdefender for an incredible price
Protect your devices with Bitdefender for an incredible price

On his website, you can find all the information about what he protects on each operating system although in this article I will focus on macOS and iOS mainly.

When we install an antivirus on our Mac what we are mainly looking for is protection . With Bitdefender software we’ll be protected against adware, those annoying ads that sometimes pop up while we’re surfing and that can end up being a danger to our information. Bitdefender detects and removes adware, hijacking programs, unwanted toolbars and other annoying browser plug-ins, and all this so you can surf the web with all the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Also will detect multi-platform malware . That is, not only malware that is designed for macOS but also what is focused on Windows, so we avoid passing infected data to our friends, without us realizing it because it does not affect us.

A new feature of this software is “Secure Files” which will prevent compromised files from being modified and which we tell you to watch out for. Protecting these from malware and ransomware.

When you scan your drive it will be done at high speed, so you have less time to wait and can get on with your usual tasks, and compared to other companies’ software, the speed is slightly higher. Not only will it protect you when you scan, but will be in the background watching over you without any annoying messages. It will be there but as if it wasn’t, which we liked very much.

In terms of privacy protection, it provides us with anti-pishing, safe surfing through its software and also a parental advisor, so that you can track where your children are going in a very discreet way.

In iOS we also find features and with the same product we have a multiplatform service as I mentioned before. In iOS we will have the anti-theft service, with which we can block the device if it is not stolen , it will check if the accounts we have on the iPhone have been violated , and also as in macOS we will have access to the parental advisor.

And how much does all this cost? Right now they have a very interesting offer, where you can have all these features and more on up to 10 devices with Bitdefender Internet Security for only 69.99 For me, a very interesting offer that you should not miss.

Obviously, before making such a large payment we recommend you try the free trial for one month and then assess whether it’s worth it or not, although with everything we’ve told you it will certainly be worth it.

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