Proporta iPod Nano Case


A few days ago Javier Penalva presented the Proporta Case which changes colour depending on the temperature. In a market as competitive as that of iPod accessories, manufacturers are constantly innovating and bringing out products with new features and designs.

Proporta iPod Nano Case
Proporta iPod Nano Case

Proporta has sent us a case for our iPod nano to try out. If you want to know what the case looks like and the intensive colour change tests we’ve put it through, read on.

As soon as we opened the shipping envelope (from Brighton) we found a plastic wrap with the silicone cover, and an English tea bag, which we tasted while writing the article. In the box we found the cover, in this case in pink, although it is also available in blue and grey, a belt clip holder, a neck pendant and a screw.

As the advertising says, silicone is quite thin and light. The case fits perfectly to the body of the nano, without adding much weight to our favorite player. Silicone cases are suitable for protection against light impacts and especially against scratches, as the only parts that are not protected are the wheel and the display. We recommend that you do not remove the plastic protection that comes with the nano and combine it with this case, that way you will also protect the display. Another advantage of silicone is that it “grips” the surfaces, making it more difficult for it to slip off the table and fall over.

The case has a hook on the top right to allow the use of the neck strap. If we want to use the accessory to carry the nano on our belt, the case on the back has a metal piece that is completely covered by silicone, where the screw is screwed. This is important because the metal part of the nano never comes into contact with this piece, which prevents scratches. Well done by Proporta . Take care when inserting the screw, lest it come loose during use and the iPod falls out.

With the case on we have access to the iPod lock switch. If we want to use the dock, we will have to remove the case a little bit until the IPod fits in the dock, which is not a big problem.

As for the change in colour, when the temperature increases (when holding it for a while, for example) the cover becomes practically white. We have tested the cover in the fridge. The colour turns pink after the cold test.

The case is guaranteed for life by the company, and costs $20. It’s a good investment to protect your iPod.

We thank Proporta for trusting Apple to analyse this product.

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